Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Cars and Trucks of Barry Weiss

The reason many people are addicted to the show ‘Storage Wars’ is none another but the real star of the show, Barry Weiss himself. Sure, the concept of the show is quite interesting and novel.

But if it was not for this man, it is hard to say if the show would be where it is today! The fifty something Barry Weiss has already become an icon on American television and is all set to have his very own show!

For those who are not too acquainted with ‘Storage Wars’, Barry Weiss is one of the bidders who bid on the storage lockers that are auctioned, on the show itself. So, why does this specific person deserve special mention and why is it that he has thousands of fans and followers in so short a time?

The answer is easy to understand for any person who watches the show on A&E regularly. Barry Weiss is unique to say the least!

It would not even be wrong to say that he is a little eccentric and quirky in his own right. After all, he does exactly what he wants and how he wants and doesn’t are a bit about what his competitors have to say about it.

From bringing little people on stilts to bringing psychics on ‘Storage Wars’, Barry Weiss has done it all. Each episode is a treat for his fans as they never know what this man will do next.

The same can also be said about his competitors on the show. Among them, Barry even had a major ongoing clash with Dave Hester, aka ‘The Mogul’.

Barry Weiss nicknamed ‘The Collector’ on the show, truly does not care what people think of his curious antics. It’s this attitude if his that seems to not sit too well with Dave Hester.

Apart from these, there is another big reason for Barry Weiss’ popularity. That would be his many cars, trucks as well as bikes.

He seems to have a unique collection of rare and awe inspiring cars that his fans often get to see on the show. He lands up in a different one almost each day of the ‘Storage Wars’.

Let us find a little more about the cars and trucks that Barry Weiss owns. The question that most people would like to have answered is that how many cars does Barry actually own?

Well, to say the truth, not all of the cars that he rides on the show are his own. For example, the curious yellow chicken car that Barry Weiss has rode on a particular episode of ‘Storage Wars’ does not actually belong to him.

Bit, he does own several cars and trucks himself. It has been approximated that the number that he actually owns is five.
Of course, he also buys and sells them quite often and so, it is rather difficult to mention an exact number at a particular instance of time. Among the ones that he owns, the Red International Truck is said to be his favourite.

In fact, Barry has often claimed that he will not be selling this car. The most famous one is however, the Cowboy Cadillac.

Any person who has seen the car on the show would know why it is so popular. Not only is it custom made, it looks like it is more appropriate on the set of a high tech film.

Apart from this, Barry Weiss is also the proud owner of a Beatnik Hot Rod, a vintage Ford etc. This is all about Barry Weiss’ cars and trucks in short.

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